Saturday, February 12, 2011

Charlene Tilton chats about new TNT "Dallas" project and more

Charlene Tilton, our own Lucy Ewing Cooper of "Dallas," just chatted live with fans this evening at, and BRBTV has a few highlights for ya:

- She has not been asked to participate in TNT's "Dallas" pilot project, which begins filming in the spring and which just cast Julie Gonzalo and Jesse Metcalfe as Rebecca Sutter and Christopher Ewing. "As of now, unfortunately I have not. I am hoping to be," the star said. "I know that Larry (Hagman) and Patrick (Duffy) are in it. I only know two of the names of the young people. I'm sure they'll be wonderful." 

- She does have an idea or two for the project's treatment of Lucy, however, should she be signed on. "When we last saw Lucy she had 25 percent of Ewing oil stock. So I think Lucy to be a force to be reckoned with. John Ross and Christopher would have to listen to her. I think Lucy should also come back with a daughter. With my actual daughter actually. Lucy should come back with her daughter played by Cherish."

She continues, "I read the script for the pilot. I personally thought it was wonderful. I think the fans will love it if they keep up the quality of writing...they will love it."

- She just filmed a new show for Comedy Central (which was where she was just before arriving for the chat, which began at 6:30 p.m. Eastern.

- If she had her choice of shows, Tilton says, she would love to appear in ABC's "Desperate Housewives."

- What was happiest time and darkest moment she remembers on "Dallas" and in life? "Happiest time on 'Dallas,' I have to say, was the whole experience in general," Tilton says. "We worked hard, but we had a lot of fun. Larry was the ringleader. He brought us all together from the very first day. Everyone was extremely professional and worked very hard. The darkest time on the set was when Jim Davis passed away. I was very close to him. And his wife Blanche passed away last year just after her 90th birthday."

- A boo-boo corrected? Tilton noted how she recently watched the first episodes of "Dallas" on CMT and saw that the scene with Lucy and Ray in the hayloft was edited out. Of course, this early-days storyline presented a bit of a problem for the writers later, when Ray was revealed to be Lucy's half-uncle. "Such an iconic scene," Tilton laments. "It was great, so hot. I was really upset they edited it out."

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