Friday, September 21, 2012

Announcing the "Shazam!" BRBTV Report

Ooooh, boy, do we love a product release day, and 2012 is a four-product-release year, as we've mentioned on this blog. No. 2 in that 2012 lineup is the BRBTV Report on the delicious, live-action, Saturday-morning "Shazam!" TV show of the '70s. The timing for this one is lovely, roughly coinciding with the DVD release for the series, which was originally scheduled for September 18 but rescheduled to September 23.

Jackson Bostwick is the original star of the "Shazam!" series, and we've talked to him a few times over the past couple years, both on camera (see our YouTube channel) and via email. He gave us some great insight about the show, having grown up a fan of Captain Marvel, among other heroes. For Bostwick, this was not just another role -- this was stepping into the shoes of someone he knew about and liked a lot. We appreciate that, just as we do with Lynda Carter and her well-regarded Wonder Woman! And did you know that Butch Patrick of "The Munsters" was considered for the corresponding role of Billy Batson for this TV series? We didn't, until he happened to mention it while we chatted with him at this past year's Motor City Comic Con! We followed up with him for more of the story, and you'll read about that in the Report.

We're keeping the price point for Shazam! A BRBTV Report the same as for many of the other BRBTV Reports -- just a cool buck and a half for this feature-length story and accompanying episode guide (our own synopses!), along with a full cast listing. It's the equivalent of 44 letter-sized pages in Microsoft Word, with photos that will appear in color on your Kindle or other device, if you have that ability.

We love these shows -- we grew up watching 'em, too -- so we want to share the love!

Photo courtesy of Jackson Bostwick; please do not copy without permission.

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