Monday, October 22, 2012

Spotted: Dack Rambo

Well, now, that's what you get for fishin' through the $5 DVD bin! Some real stinkers! Why do ya think they're in the $5 bin? Yes, we should've known better, but we were just too enticed by the promise of 15 -- count 'em, 15! -- horror movies on one DVD! We love Halloween, and we just love sinking our teeth into a good scary movie. But "Invasion of the Bee Girls" and "She-Beast"? Egads.

But we do digress ... The reason we're posting about this particular 15-horror-movie DVD is that there was one flick on it that rose (just a bit) above the murky abyss, if only for the pleasure of watching one of our BRBTV stars. "Good Against Evil," starring Mr. Dack Rambo, our former Jack Ewing of "Dallas" and Andros of "Wonder Woman." He's young, he's hotter-than-hot as always, and he's got his rather forthright charm on as he falls for the movie's main character, Jessica, played by Elyssa Davalos. In the 1977 movie, Jessica is a young woman born of mysterious circumstances, under the watch of the Devil, meant to fulfill some prophecy or somesuch. Rambo's character teams up with a priest to try to rid the evil in their midst.

Richard Lynch is along for the ride in this story of demon possession, as well as Kim Cattrall, playing a little older than she was at the time (but yes, she's been around for that long! and still so astonishingly lovely in "Sex in the City" in the '90s!).

We were disappointed about the ending, which left things unresolved, then we got on the IMDb and saw that this was not only a TV movie but a pilot! That didn't sell. Yea. Can you believe it?

Right. We've only finished Disc 1. Onward to "Memorial Valley Massacre," "Messiah of Evil" and "Snake People." Sigh. We'll take that SyFy Saturday-night creature feature any day of the week.

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