Saturday, March 23, 2013

Spotted: Robin Mattson

Ooohhh, we've seen her in such great classic TV roles, before we came to know her so well on "Santa Barbara" and "General Hospital." And there Robin Mattson is again, popping up in a "Hardy Boys Mysteries" episode from 1978, her second one of that series.

In "Scorpion's Sting" she is Catherine Martin, daughter of a notorious bad guy who's oblivious to her dad's secret life. It's two years before she signed on to "GH," and seven years before "SB," and she's thin and girlish, with long straight hair lending leanness to her normally full face. Her wardrobe is casual, and her interplay with Parker Stevenson as Frank Hardy is fun. There's nary a touch of Heather Webber or Gina DeMott in her innocent demeanor. Sweet!

The "Hardy Boys" series tried a couple new things in this third and final season, jazzing up the opening theme song and tucking the boys under the employ of the Justice Department -- and then sending them all over the world to unravel mysteries. Too bad it didn't extend the life of the series (and too bad Nancy Drew was gone -- rats!). Still, we've enjoyed the third-season DVD set. Thanks to Tracy for it!

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