Friday, May 31, 2013

Motor City Comic Con: Ernest Thomas

Hey - HEY - hey!!! ... No, it's not Dwayne, but it's the guy who kept him in check! Mr. Ernest Thomas of the classic '70s "What's Happening!!" was one of the celeb guests at the Motor City Comic Con in Novi, Michigan, a couple weeks back. BRB of BRBTV was thrilled to talk to him. As Raj on that show he was the voice of reason, the level-headed one of the trio of young guys, but as Ernest Thomas, he's brought a lot of love and light into people's lives over the years. Thomas talks with us about that, about some projects he has coming up, and about the kinds of things that are most important to him.

On Monday, our 10-part Motor City Comic Con interview series continues. We're only halfway through, and next up is someone from our favorite fairytale land!!!!

Ernest Thomas and BRB.
Photo by James R. Green Jr.; please do not copy without permission.

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