Friday, June 14, 2013

JTV offers some delicious bling to deck you out like a "Dynasty" dame

You saw it on screen, and now you can own it. At least something a whole lot like it. JTV's new "Dynasty" Collection offers jewelry inspired by our beloved '80s soap -- and quite a few pieces patterned exactly after the actual pieces worn in the series.

The shopping network unveiled its new collection at noon Eastern today, in a delightful two-hour block punctuated by the "Dynasty" opening theme music and screenshots of Joan Collins as Alexis in some of these inspiring jewelry pieces. This line, designed by Udi Behr, is exclusive to JTV, and it's quite heavy on the luxe-and-sparkle thing. It's not all genuine stones and solid gold, however, but then neither was what was worn on-screen, Stephanie Beacham, aka Sable Colby, told BRBTV in a recent interview. It was costume jewelry so that the show wouldn't have to deal with the insurance and security burden. So hey -- when they're saying here that you can own something just like what was worn in the show, they mean it!

The two-hour launch of the line highlighted several items mimicking the screen-used baubles, with designer Behr giving a little background of when the original piece was worn (all of the following were in Season 5):
(OK, so where's Krystle's stuff? We wanna see that fab emerald necklace she pawned in Season 1!)

And take heart, "Dynasty" dreamers -- many pieces are less than $100.

This licensing deal with JTV was two years in the making, Behr said. He works on ABC's "Revenge" now and noted that to him the Hamptons-based primetime show is like "a continuation of 'Dynasty.'"

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