Monday, January 13, 2014

Artist takes his love of "Dynasty" to the canvas

Wow, we sure talk to some creative folks in the process of writing about the classic TV shows we love. Just in the past few months, we've talked to a couple "Dukes" fans who've created wonderful art inspired by the show, and we've talked to a "Dynasty" fan who has a splendid collection of costumes and other items from the show. Now we're talking to a talented artist who creates works inspired by "Dynasty" ...

Meet Jeffrey Trull, who has created the simply lovely paintings below, which you can purchase prints of at Society6.

"I first saw 'Dynasty' as a very young child in 1981," he tells BRBTV. "I was up past my bedtime when I went into the living room to find a great commotion on the TV screen. There, in a courtroom full of shocked faces, sat Nancy Drew, Audra Barkley from 'The Big Valley,' and Charlie himself from 'Charlie’s Angels.' But who was this mysterious, veiled woman sweeping melodramatically onto the scene? We would have to wait an entire summer to find out. I was officially hooked on a glamorous rollercoaster that would not only run for a decade, but would shape the very future of television history."

He continues: "Flash forward to 2000 when I created the fan site 'Dynasty: The Collection,' basing it on my own personal collection of 'Dynasty' memorabilia. Running through 2004, it featured a popular forum which I named The Carrington Colby Boardroom, where I was blessed to meet countless 'Dynasty' fans from all over the world. I made some close friendships, many of which continue today."

But Jeffrey hasn't just gotten the chance to meet fans of the show. He's met cast members, too!

"I was beyond thrilled to meet both Linda Evans and Joan Collins in 2007 during the tour of their play 'Legends.' Our encounters remain some of the most cherished highlights of my life and I am proud to say that my two original paintings that I presented them with, 'Heavenly Evans' and 'La Collins' respectively, are now housed in each of the ladies’ private collections. Prints of these are available in my online store via my website The signed ones are, of course, displayed lovingly in my home. I am currently at work on my 'Dynasty' art book, full of my illustrations, paintings and graphic design inspired by the most fabulous TV show of all time."

That's a shot of Jeffrey meeting Ms. Evans directly above. And above that, of course, are the "Heavenly Evans" and "La Collins" works he mentions. Beautiful! Learn more about Jeffrey and his work at He's available for commission!

Images courtesy of Jeffrey Trull; please do not copy without permission.

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