Monday, May 12, 2014

Terrific TV Toys: Jaime Sommers doll by Kenner

It's goofy, and it's certainly geeky, but that's kinda what we do. BRBTV is forging onward with this new video series celebrating the toys that celebrate and once ran alongside of the classic TV shows we love. We've showed you the four Mego supergals owned by Billie Rae Bates of BRBTV as a child. Now we focus on the Bionic set of her toys, looking first at the Jaime Sommers doll from the 1970s, perhaps in part to honor Lindsay Wagner's appearance at this weekend's Motor City Comic Con.

"The Bionic Woman" debuted on January 14, 1976, starring Lindsay Wagner. She had already appeared as Steve Austin's girlfriend on "The Six Million Dollar Man." Now she had her own show. And Kenner, being as wise as they were, also having success with their "Star Wars" line at about the same time, promptly added a Jaime Sommers doll to the Bionic line.

This is not the original Jaime Sommers doll -- that one wore blue jeans and a white sporty top, and debuted earlier. What you see above is the figure with the action-packed mission purse, and in this video you'll see each and every item in that purse (we think it's all basically intact -- even though BRB was a tyke at the time), as well as a whopping 10 Jaime fashions that were sold separately for the doll. Did we say 10? Yes, that T-E-N. (And Mother got a pretty good deal on them at the time, too.) Yowza, those gowns are beautiful. All nylon and polyester, as the fashions of the age were. Lovely!

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