Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Terrific TV Toys: Nöelle and her merry band of Christmas Scoobies!

A few weeks ago, you saw BRBTV's Halloween-costumed Scooby-Doo plush toys on our Terrific TV Toys series. Now we turn our attention to that other great holiday, Christmas, with a special episode highlighting several more Scoobies. In fact, with this episode, we are now up-to-date with the Scooby collection -- you now will have seen each and every Scooby housed at the BRBTV headquarters!!! Have you been counting? There have been 95 of them profiled across six episodes of the series. (It seems like more, doesn't it?)

Nöelle, Dancing-Doo, Snowy-Doo, Holly-Jolly-Doo, and the most recent and oh-so-unique Eggnog-Doo bid you a fine Christmas season!

Check out the addendum to this episode -- call it episode 49.5 -- that reveals what Eggnog-Doo has to say!!! Join us as we open up the little guy on camera! It's better than Al Capone's vault -- we actually find something in there!!!!

Stay tuned, because we've got one more episode for Season 2 of Terrific TV Toys. It also happens to be the 50th episode of the series, so we'll be celebrating a very special 50th anniversary ...

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