Monday, June 27, 2016

Bo, Luke and Daisy Duke meet fans at the Fanboy Expo

This past weekend's Fanboy Expo in Knoxville, Tennessee, had a definite "Dukes of Hazzard" presence. In fact, it was the Big Three -- John Schneider, Catherine Bach and Tom Wopat -- who were meeting and greeting fans there at the Knoxville Convention Center. BRBTV had a roving reporter there at the scene, our friend Jason, who was able to talk to all three of the Duke cousins and attended the Q and A session with Bo and Luke, Schneider and Wopat, on Saturday afternoon. Jason was kind enough to send us these photos from the event -- and even to show us the Dukes looking at and signing his copy of the "Them Dukes! Them Dukes!" BRBTV fact book! So cool -- thanks, Jason!!!!

Jason says that during the Q and A session, he would have asked the two guys if they would ever consider a role in AMC's "The Walking Dead," but other people's questions were interesting to hear them respond to. "The one I liked was from a starting young actor who asked what was Sorrell (Booke) like with the fat suit.," Jason says. "They brought up people who took forever to get ready. They said Cathy was the longest. I guess they were trying to get Sorrell to get into his fat suit quickly and his response was, 'I've got two speeds. Slow and you won't believe it.' That was funny.
John and Tom were also talking about the events going on today. They said it seems like every week we're up in arms about something. With the flag and all that, they feel it's going to blow over and the Dukes will be back."

This fervent "Dukes" fan had the three sign some other very special items, including the first two pieces of his next General Lee ...

Photos courtesy of Jason G.; please do not copy without permission


Jason G Jason said...

It is an honor to be your loyal "roving reporter" I like that title. It was such a blast to meet the elusive Mr. Wopat. He was such a gentleman. Made my weekend so great. Wish I took more pic's of some of the fans costumes. Besides the talent these people possess in creating their costumes, my hats off to them for braveing the intense heat being inside their costumes. There was a lot of characters that involved the fan to be completely inclosed in body suits, probally with no air circulation. My applogies that I have no pics of me with Cathy Bach, at the time she was there, I was outside for a while getting lunch with my friends, Billy stephenson and Will Rodgers, getting back was murder. The heat had me sweating so badly, I could not put Cathy through the discomfort standing next to a profusely sweating fan. That was out of respect to her.
It was such a blast to see all three of our beloved dukes together. The prices were quite a bit high, but it was worth it. No complaints.
Thank you Billie Rae for posting this for people to see. For now this is your roving reporter signing off! said...

Yay!!! Many thanks, again!