Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Terrific TV Toys kicks off Season 4 with a very special anniversary

We've been celebrating anniversaries a lot recently on the Terrific TV Toys series. Last year, we marked the half-century point for "Star Trek" and "The Green Hornet," and we celebrated same for the 1966 "Batman" series all year long with the Figures Toy Co. figure set. Now, another 50th anniversary emerges, this month, actually, and it's for the character we hold in our highest esteem ... Batgirl, specifically the Batgirl whose alter ego is Barbara Gordon, daughter of police commissioner James Gordon.

It was January 1967 when she first came on the scene, in Detective Comics No. 359, set to coincide -- roughly -- with her addition to the "Batman" TV series later that year, for the show's third season. Played by Yvonne Craig, she was forthright and bright, deftly landing her pointed kicks on criminals like Penguin and Joker and assisting the not-at-all-begrudging Dynamic Duo. She lit fanboy dreams everywhere, and she had this author dreaming of becoming her someday.

Diamond Select Toys crafted a wonderful statue in 2015 capturing the essence of Craig's portrayal of Batgirl, and it becomes the first episode of Season 4 as well as the launch of another year-long anniversary celebration. There's lots of Batgirl stuff down in the Batcave at BRBTV headquarters, so you'll be seeing one item a month or so all year long.

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