Friday, February 24, 2017

Terrific TV Toys: Michael Jackson doll by LJN Toys

This author's mom sure could find some great stuff. Take the Marilyn Monroe doll, all outfitted in red, which was my favorite color. Then there's the Elvis doll in his famous gold lame suit -- oh, that was a nice one. But one particular item she bought for me, 'round about 1984, stands out in my mind and is the subject of this week's Terrific TV Toys installment. It's a 12-inch doll like the others, but it celebrates a true pop icon, a megastar of our time, a guy who achieved the superstardom he evidently set out to have: Mr. Michael Jackson, whose fame covered several decades of our pop culture, and who became so many things in our eyes over the years. Back then, though, in the glorious 1980s, he was simply Michael Jackson, pop superstar, not all that other stuff yet.

Can we make a Terrific TV Toy out of an MJ doll? You betcha. One particular TV appearance the pop idol made in 1984 really epitomized his success. There he was, receiving award after award that night, making a glittery fashion statement, with a lovely female fellow superstar on his arm, Ms. Brooke Shields. It was January 1984, and the American Music Awards ...

(You know, there's actually a Brooke Shields doll out there from that same time period. Wouldn't that just be funny to nab that and to totally recreate this iconic TV moment ...)

Are ya going to the jump of the General Lee in downtown Detroit this morning, right before Autorama opens? Great -- we'll see ya there!

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