Monday, May 22, 2017

Motor City Comic Con: Shannon Elizabeth is on a mission

Shannon Elizabeth is a woman with a cause, and that cause is our four-legged friends. The actress, known for the "American Pie" movies and "That '70s Show," is involved in Animal Avengers, a dog and cat rescue that has turned its efforts more toward broader animal conservation. She chats with Don and BRB about her work on- and off-screen, what has been her most rewarding role, the benefit event coming up in the New York City this week, and why you should never buy a pet ...

Many thanks to Ms. Elizabeth for talking with us, and special thanks to Andrea for the assist with the camera! Stay tuned for another great MCCC interview in the next couple days.

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Jason Duke 360 said...

Dont think I could have been as cool as Don being around Shannon. Wish I could have been there! Great interview!