Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Catch the latest episode of "Fantastic Forum" and join the debate: Broadcast vs. pay TV?

Another episode of the Washington, D.C.-based "Fantastic Forum" TV show has just hit the bricks and is available for viewing online, if ya didn't get to catch its original airing on the East Coast:

This time around, host Patrick Michael Strange and panelists Billie Rae Bates, Maurice James and Zachary Wineland debate the merits of regular broadcast television versus paid services like Netflix and Amazon Prime. The way that we are watching TV has definitely been changing in the past decade, as BRB points out in this episode -- which method of TV viewing do you prefer? This episode, like other recent ones, was recorded at Awesome Con!

As always, if you're on the East Coast you've got many ways to catch this great geeky TV show:
  • Manhattan Neighborhood Network, New York, NY; Time Warner Cable MNN Lifestyle channel 2
  • PhillyCam,  Philadelphia, PA; Comcast channel 66/966; Verizon FiOS channel 29/30.
  • MCM  Montgomery County, MD; Comcast channel 21; RCN channel 21; Verizon FiOS channel 21.
  • Arlington Independent Media (AIM), Arlington County, VA; Comcast channel 69; Verizon FiOS channel 38.
  • FPA-TV,  Fairfax County, VA; Cox channel 10.
  • DCTV, Washington, DC; Comcast channel 95; RCN channel 10; Verizon FiOS channel 10.
  • Prince George’s Community Television (CTV), Prince George’s County, MD; COMCAST channel 76; Verizon FiOS channel 42.
  • Community Media of Baltimore City (CMBC), Baltimore, MD; Comcast channel 75.
  • Herndon Community Television, Cox channel 23, Verizon FIOS channel 28.


Jason Duke 360 said...

This was a great episode! Im all for cable, its all I've known. Back in '83 when we first got cable, my dad was sold on the idea of no commercials. What you said about the long commercis is no joke.
Why has'nt one company offer a total commercial free service? Of course it would be at a very premium price,but also offer packages with some commercials that has a cheaper price. So you csn have a channel that has zero show intruptions! Paying out yhe nose of course. Do you think that would catch on? said...

Yea, who knows. I bet people would have low trust of that no-commercial thing, though, figuring it will evolve into commercials eventually like cable. That's what I would think, anyway.

Jason Duke 360 said...

Well, it did. I remember my dad was sold on the "no commercial" gimmic. Channels like abc cbs of course had commercials but the ones like hbo cinnimax and channels like that did'nt. Now there as bad ss the regular ones.
They at least should set it up where the majority of commercials are at the start of the program. Then the viewer would have no choice but to watch them.
Guess in a perfect world it would happen. said...

Yea, good idea.