Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Patrick Duffy will meet-and-greet at the Mid-Atlantic Nostalgia Con in September

It's a great autograph show that BRBTV has taken in for the past couple years -- you'll see all kinds of stars of classic TV shows and movies there, in a nice hotel setting that's not a complete mob scene like the bigger cons. But this year, here's a name we are seeing for the first time at a show like this ... Mr. Patrick Duffy of "Dallas." He's even joined by "Dallas" castmates Morgan Fairchild and Barbara Carrera. So cool. Then there's Cindy Williams, Shirley Jones and a bunch of other great stars.

Do you remember that live-action, Saturday-morning, half-hour TV show called "The Ghost Busters," in the 1970s before the movie "Ghostbusters" ever came out? Larry Storch, one of the stars of that kids' show, will be there, too! That alone makes it worth the trip.

The show is in September in Hunt Valley, Maryland. See more at the Facebook page or website.

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