Friday, August 18, 2006

Mark McCoy's preference is behind the scenes these days

In the last year or so of our beloved daytime soap, "Santa Barbara," Mark McCoy was the sinister Ken Mathis, the one who enticed Sophia Wayne Armonti Capwell Capwell (and so forth) into a relationship, and even into marriage. He was a wife-killing golddigger with a penchant for chemicals, of course. We all saw it coming, now didn't we? Well, nowadays, more than 13 years later, McCoy is still making a living in showbiz, but his interests and talents lie behind the scenes. He's done some producing, but his real role is as a post-production coordinator for films. He's got three projects coming up in the next year.

"Employee of the Month" stars Jessica Simpson and is directed and written by Greg Coolidge. "Pride" lifts up Tom Arnold (and where's he been, anyway?), with Terrence Howard thrown in for good measure (he's also producing). And "Rogue," scheduled for 2007 release, is an action film directed by Phillip G. Atwell and starring Jet Li.

On another "SB" note, by the way, take the time to visit the IMDb's page on the show and you'll see some fun photos of Robin Wright as Kelly Capwell in the early days of the show. She's there with Stephen Meadows as Peter (now that's really the early days), and in the dress she wore for her wedding to Joe Perkins (Mark Arnold). The IMDb has been adding a lot of photos to its pages, and these particular shots are courtesy of

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