Thursday, August 24, 2006

Robin Wright Penn: Lots going on, as usual!

What else would you expect from the lovely Robin Wright Penn, whose star has shone brightly since she originated the Kelly Capwell role on "Santa Barbara"? Now, she is starring in a short film by Jennifer Aniston film for Glamour magazine's special "Reel Moments" campaign:

We've reported months ago on the BRBTV News Blog on other movie projects Penn has going on this year. One of them is "Sorry, Haters," and you can check out the film's website here: Our gal, who is the star of the movie, is featured on the commentary with the DVD, which came out earlier this month. You can see some nice photos of her at this site.

Penn has also been working on the big-screen epic version of the classic tale "Beowulf," which looks like it will be lots of fun for any fan of the original tale. That film's website is also up, though it will be awhile before the film is actually released:

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