Tuesday, October 31, 2006

K Callan in Stephen Baldwin film

Hearing Jars of Clay sing the famed Christmas carol of the title might be enough in itself to make you want to see the short film "Midnight Clear," but for fans of "Dallas," there's another reason. K Callan, who played April Stevens' mom, Amy Stevens, stars with born-again Christian and former Hollywood heavy Stephen Baldwin of the Baldwin brothers. The story is written by Jerry Jenkins of "Left Behind" book fame, with his son Dallas Jenkins directing. (The younger Jenkins, by the way, also had a hand in the rather-nice "Though None Go With Me" Hallmark movie of earlier this year, starring Cheryl Ladd.)

Watch the trailer at http://www.midnightclearfilm.com.

By the way ... After seeing Baldwin at a celebrity film premiere on Ellis Island in summer 2000, BRBTV is very glad his life has turned to his direction. Check out his websites: www.stephenbaldwin.com and www.thelordslounge.com to see the crazy world he's created in serving the Lord.

Spotted: Deborah Rennard, our own Sly Lovegren of "Dallas," on the arm of her husband, writer / director / producer Paul Haggis, who's a new Hollywood heavy since the success of his films "Crash" and "Million Dollar Baby." Rennard and hubby were attending the Hollywood Film Festival Awards last week: http://www.hellomagazine.com/canada/2006/10/25/paul-haggis/.


media boy said...

I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of Midnight Clear; I have a much-increased respect Stephen Baldwin as of now

BRBTV.com said...

Cool. Thanks for reading.