Monday, October 16, 2006

Only John Travolta survives "Dallas" cast slash-and-burn

Variety Magazine has reported that the entire cast of the big-screen "Dallas" remake movie, set to begin filming this fall, has been let go, save one ... Mr. John Travolta, upon whom the whole film is pinned, evidently, anyway.

"Helmer Gurinder Chadha, who took over the reins in April, is still attached but will make her final decision as to whether she'll direct the pic when the new cast comes together," Variety's Nicole LaPorte reports. "Robert Harling's script may be tweaked, but a major overhaul is not planned.Luke Wilson, who was cast as Bobby Ewing, has a pay-or-play deal that's up in January but is no longer in the cast."

Filming is on hold, and the hope is to begin rolling in early 2007 with the new cast. Out of the picture are megawatt names such as Shirley MacLaine, who was set to play Miss Ellie, and it's all about the dollars, Variety says. "The new mission is to make 'Dallas' for a substantially lower price than its most recent $65 million budget by going out to thesps with lower quotes."

"Furthermore, Chadha, who replaced helmer Robert Luketic, was not happy with the cast, and focus group research concluded that J.R. was the only character auds felt strongly about."

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