Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Deborah Tranelli: From Ewing Oil to the theater

For a decade she was Phyllis Wapner, secretary to Bobby Ewing, on "Dallas." Faithful and true, she served her boss with discretion and respect at the Ewing Oil offices. Since her "Dallas" days, however, Deborah Tranelli has been spending more time and energy on a longtime love: music. She's released an album, called "A Lot of Livin'," and she's got some shows going on, too.

"Right now, I’m working on two new musicals that are being developed," Tranelli tells BRBTV. "The one project is called ‘Friends Like These,’ and it’s kind of like a musical ‘Sex in the City,’ but not quite as racy. It’s very witty, sharp dialogue, but with the topics of a woman in New York. I play a daytime soap actress, sort of a Susan Lucci character. It’s probably going to begin in 2007. They’re looking for the money right now. Karen Mason is also in it. It’s just a four-person cast. We hope that we’ll get a production somewhere in New York, but they might develop it at a regional theater."

Sounds fun. Tranelli has had a lot of love for theater, particularly smaller theater. "Broadway is wonderful, and off-Broadway is," she says, "but there is some wonderful stuff coming out of regional theater. I’ve worked all over the country. There’s wonderful, healthy theater all over the place."

And looking to the more distant future? Tranelli says she has no immediate plans for a second album release, but ... "I’m hopefully going to be booking some concert work, probably for the 2007 season. … And I just finished doing a production of ‘The Full Monty.’ I was one of the wives (she laughs). I played Vicki."

"I’m always auditioning," she adds, "just like every other actor. You finish one thing, and you’re on to the next audition."

Sing on, Ms. Tranelli!

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