Friday, November 24, 2006

Meet Archies artist Craig Boldman at Mid-Ohio-Con

The Mid-Ohio-Con is a great tradition in the comics world, and one where BRBTV has met some cool folks over the years. It's also Ohio's largest and longest-running comic book and pop-culture collectors show. It runs this weekend, November 25 and 26, at the Columbus Convention Center, 400 N. High Street, Columbus. (And Columbus has a nice downtown area to walk around in after the show, by the way!)

One of the guests at this year's Mid-Ohio-Con is Archie Comics' artist Craig Boldman, who will be at booth #414, the National Cartoonists Society booth, where he will be keeping company with a number of fine cartoonists from the fields of syndicated strips, editorial cartoons and book illustration. Boldman, known for his work on the character Jughead, will have 250 Jughead comics to sign and hand out to Jughead fans, and he says he is looking forward to meeting Archie Comics readers.

On Sunday at 1 p.m., he will be moderating the National Cartoonists Society panel in room B. Founded in 1946, the venerable professional cartoonist organization has a thriving chapter in the Great Lakes region. Meet a bunch of its members who do syndicated strips, editorial cartoons, comics, books, advertising and more. Find out what they're up to and what the organization is all about. On the docket: Tony Cochran (Agnes), Roy Doty (Wordless Workshop, recipient of NCS Illustrator of the Year Award for 2006), Steve Boreman (Little Dog Lost, launching in 2007), Terri Libenson (Pajama Diaries), Jeff Stahler (editorial cartoonist, Columbus Dispatch), Matt Feazell (Disney Adventures), and Daryll Collins (Sports Illustrated for Kids).

For more information about the Mid-Ohio-Con, call (614) 431-3600, or visit the
official website. Meanwhile, coming up next week in Archie Comics ...

“Beaches, Bikinis & Backstabbing”: You might be wondering how Katy can frolic on the beach in the middle of winter… it’s because she’s in the middle of a working vacation in sunny Central America ! Things soon go from sweet to sour when spoiled supermodel Mischa Mucha joins the photo shoot. Can Katy de-claw her catty co-star? SCRIPT AND ART: Andrew Pepoy.
“Zen & the Art of Getting to Class”: From being chauffeured to different parts of the building to buying into mystical mumbo-jumbo, Archie is willing to try anything to make it to class on time! SCRIPT: Scott Cunningham. ART: Stan Goldberg.
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