Wednesday, April 22, 2009

"Dynasty" stars head into daytime

There's a lot of crossover between primetime and daytime in the soaps world, we know. (Just look at the modern gigs that all those classic "Dallas" cast-ers are scoring!) Now, we've got news of three key "Dynasty" stars about to shift "shifts," so to speak.

- Billy Dee Williams, who's been a fixture on the "General Hospital" spinoff "Night Shift," will be switching gears to the mother ship in June. SoapNet has more on our own Brady Lloyd's new timeslot.

- Emma Samms, our own second Fallon Carrington who was big on the spinoff "The Colbys," will be reprising the role she held before she headed to primetime Denver, that of Holly Sutton, on "GH" in May. Read more at SoapNet's site.

- Gordon Thomson, the one and only Adam Carrington (if you don't count that reunion movie) and a BRBTV double-shot as the final Mason Capwell on "Santa Barbara," got himself a new gig, as well. He'll be joining "Days of Our Lives" during May sweeps to portray new character Owen's dad Walter (oh, it's so depressing when they start playing parents or -- gasp -- grandparents!). This one comes from, where Thomson also recently did an interview, and thanks to Tracy for the tipoff!

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