Monday, April 27, 2009

Meet Greg Evigan at the Professional Stuntman Invitational

Have you booked your hotel yet? What are ya waitin' for? It's your chance to meet Greg Evigan, who was the star of the '80s "B.J. and the Bear," as well as Willie Gust on our beloved "Dallas" and many, many other roles over the years: Dan Hathaway on "Melrose Place," Robert Russo on "Pacific Palisades," Jake in the "TekWars" movies, and of course Joey on "My Two Dads."

Evigan will be joining Don Pedro Colley, Sonny Shroyer, Byron Cherry and Rick Hurst of "The Dukes of Hazzard" at the Professional Stuntman Invitation (Carnival of Thrills) event in June. As we reported in our February 20 post, the show happens at the Concord (N.C.) Speedway on June 26-28, 2009. The stunt show will feature some of Hollywood's best and brightest stunt guys: Ted Barba, Buzz Bundy, Corey Eubanks, James Smith, Lee Smith, Al Wyatt Jr. and A.J. Thrasher.

BRB also will be there signing copies of her "Dukes" reference book, "Them Dukes! Them Dukes!"

The event website is up and open for business:

Check it out to get your entry form if you want to participate in the hot rod, antique and muscle car show. You'll also find all the hotel info you need. So get crackin'!

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