Monday, May 11, 2009

Archie Comics launches mobile comics program

From Archie Comics

MAY 11, 2009, MAMARONECK, NY—Archie Comics makes the leap into the digital world of mobile content today with the launch of a new app for the iPhone.

Co-President Victor Gorelick explained: “Archie Comics has always worked with legendary creators to create funny stories. Over the years, we have been successful in bringing those stories to each new generations. The new iPhone application allows us to better reach the next generation of Archie fans. We have always provided our readers with the best reading experience possible, and this new endeavor is no exception. People have come to expect high-quality, humorous entrainment, and we always do our very best to deliver that to our fans with every comic.”

Co-President Fred Mausser said, “We are excited about the possibilities of the new iPhone application. This will be another format for our fans to enjoy digital Archie Comics. The iPhone is an evolution for the comics industry and we look forward to bringing our tradition of humor and mirth into this new medium.”

Managing Editor Mike Pellerito said, “iPhone apps an area where Archie Comics foresees significant growth. We are focusing on iTunes with our partner iVerse. Selling our comics directly to fans electronically will expand our ability to get our comics in the hands of our fans in a whole new way. We have been included in the iPhone app with Comicology since their launch earlier this year and comics as a whole are doing very well on iTunes.”

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