Monday, May 25, 2009

Spotted: James Farentino

A cocky young kid in white high-waisted pants. That's our boy Nick Toscanni of "Dynasty," known to the rest of the world as James Farentino. At least that was our boy back in 1962, when this episode of "The Alfred Hitchcock Hour" originally aired.

A couple decades before his character fell for Krystle Carrington, Farentino played Bernie, the son of the owner of a boarding house in the Sydney Pollack-directed episode, called "The Black Curtain." Bernie notices something strange about one of the boarders, discovering he's secretly a mobster accused of murder. Bernie decides to cash in on this fact, in-between verbally harassing unsuspecting young ladies. And Farentino is pretty handsome as a young street-smart guy.

Watch the episode courtesy of Hulu and MSN TV here:

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