Monday, July 20, 2009

Spotted: Michael Parks

Wow, that's some mile-high hair on that dude. And if you didn't look close, you wouldn't realize that it's Michael Parks, our own Phillip Colby of "The Colbys." Sydney Pollack directed this episode of "The Alfred Hitchcock Hour" (yes, we're still on that classic tour, and we're gonna bring you each and every BRBTV star we spot among the master of horror's hourlong TV shots!).

Parks plays Dr. Dan Dana in "Diagnosis: Danger," one of two episodes of the series he appeared in, about 25 years before he came back from the grave to torment poor Frankie Colby. He's an epidemiologist dealing with an anthrax outbreak in L.A. Parks seems taller and leaner than his "Colbys" days (Johnny Bravo hair helps), though the tilt of the head is certainly the same. Horned-rim glasses add a nice touch.

The Calilfornia-born Parks began his acting career at only age 20 and has numerous roles to his credit. He's even got a couple new projects in the works: "The Last Horseman" and "Smokin' Aces: Blowback."

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