Thursday, September 10, 2009

Ken Kercheval will take your questions; Joan Collins chats anew

The Ultimate Dallas site is at it again, kicking up some good-ole "Dallas" dust with a set of interviews with those beloved classic stars. First up is Ken Kercheval, our own Cliff Barnes. Click on over to the interview page to add your inquiry. Soon after will be Larry Hagman and Linda Gray (submit your question at the forum).

Meanwhile, what does Joan Collins have going on these days? Watch a fresh interview with our own Alexis Colby of "Dynasty" at YouTube. Looking smashing in black, she chats with Ryan Tubridy of "The Late Late Show" on Bette Davis, facial tics as Alexis and more! You can even see the scene where she takes down Cecil Colby ("Unfortunately, he is dead now," she quips after the clip). Yikes!

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