Wednesday, November 11, 2009

John Schneider: Who took the "Promise" out of the "Promised Land"?

John Schneider, our own Bo Duke of "The Dukes of Hazzard," has been busy as always, but in-between those numerous acting gigs he's always thinkin' about his music. He just recorded a new song he feels strongly about, and he's urging fans to spread it across the 'Net.

"The Promise" is written by Schneider's friend Phil Redrow, who played Tex in his film "Collier & Co." Redrow is "an amazing songwriter," Schneider says. "That song went right to my soul. Johnny Cash once told me that a song would find me one day that I would just have to record, no two ways about it. When I heard this song I knew it was the one the Man in Black had told me about. It's not that he knew that particular song; it was more that he knew me well enough to know that it would be an amazing song that would put me back in the studio."

Schneider continues, "Phil's song is the sad truth about what is happening in this country with the economy, the unemployment rate, the devaluing of the elderly. A song that asks a very tough question."

You can find "The Promise" on YouTube.

Besides his studio time, Schneider's latest acting work: "The last couple of months I did 'What Would Jesus Do,' shot the pilot for 'Crash Dummies' (which you will be able to see on SPIKE very soon), been working on a six-hour miniseries based on the book, 'Shadow of an Indian Star.'"


songwryter said...

Phil your my favorite all time writer. John Your the sweetest vocals I've ever locked myself in a room and listened to. "The Promise" is a song that should be sweeping across Ameriaca right now and should be our streanth song our motivation song. We have so many people across the land right now wondering truly "who took the promise from the Promise land." I love this song an hope it tops every chart,,, Always Songwryter

songwryter said...

sorry guess im a writer not a very good speller. lol

Anonymous said...

i agree and i think this sing is so true. Os spread the word indeed.I love the inspiration this song brings me about the current state of the usa.