Tuesday, May 25, 2010

BRBTV now has a YouTube channel

Yea, yea, we know ... welcome to the new millennium! Yea, and we still use the two VCRs we own!!!! Anyhow, BRBTV has at long last begun a YouTube channel so that we can share some of the fun tidbits and precious moments we encounter when we're out on the road seein' all the amazing things we see!

For instance, in this inaugural BRBTV YouTube video, Mr. Don Pedro Colley tells all about how he first nabbed the role of Sheriff Ed Little on "The Dukes of Hazzard." This video was shot at the Motor City Comic Con a week or two back ... We gave you quotes last week, but now you can experience the whole story ...

So stay tuned; we'll be uploading more, including shots of the "A-Team" van jumping at last summer's Professional Stuntman Invitational in Concord, North Carolina, and great Hollywood stunt guys like Buzz Bundy talking about their craft and their time on "Knight Rider" at the first-ever Knight Rider Festival in Las Vegas last year!

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