Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Motor City Comic Con: Jenilee Harrison, Johnny Green and other famous faces

Our buddy Will "The Voice Man" Rodgers is a big "Dallas" fan, so what a privilege to be photographed with Ms. Jenilee Harrison, our own Jamie Ewing. Harrison appeared at this past weekend's Motor City Comic Con in Novi, Michigan, and the BRBTV News Blog continues special weeklong coverage of the event with this snapshot of the two along with some other assorted schtuff.

BRBTV got a chance to chat with Harrison a bit on Saturday morning. She's been involved in several ventures, including a horse farm and other projects related to her love of animals. She's been producing in the TV world and has a project coming up that's she discussing with CBS. She says it could air as soon as late this fall.

Also at the event for diehard classic TV fans was Dawn Wells of "Gilligan's Island" and Lindsay Wagner of "Bionic Woman." It's the first time we got to meet Wagner -- very cool. She tells BRBTV that the "Bionic Woman" DVDs are due out this summer (it's been reported that there were legal issues surrounding the long-awaited release) but that she has not been asked yet to tape any special features.

BRBTV also had the pleasure of meeting Johnny Green, who with his band back in the '60s appeared on the Adam West "Batman" series. He was a henchman of the Joker, and you can see him well in the episode, "Surf's Up, Joker's Under." Green -- whose hair is green, you know -- has been around Hollywood a long time. He was Liberace's agent for 37 years, and managed Bob Hope for 35 years.

Green, who accompanied Adam West at his table at the Novi con, told BRBTV the story of first nabbing the gig on "Batman," a point in his life when he was "starving" and living in a junky apartment. All of a sudden, upon landing the part, he was making $350 every three days.

"We went from nothing to something," he says. "Adam says, 'Johnny, we've been blessed.' He really appreciates where we've come from."

Green was driving a 1932 Lincoln at the time, and it drew the eye of Lucille Ball one day. "She says, 'I want that car -- it brings back memories.'" Ball leased the car from him for $175 a month. "I was rich!" he quips. Eventually, Ball offered him $7,500 for the car.

Nowadays, you can learn more about Green at his site, http://www.johnnygreenandthegreenmen.8m.com/.

Photos by Billie Rae Bates / BRBTV
except for the above shot of BRB with Johnny Green by Cousin Don!
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Johnny Green said...

Billie Rae & BRBTV
Thanks for the great interview brought back good memories of the past and the future looks great because of people like you and your people Thanks again hope to see you again
Johnny Green
Ps touring the new Oil Rush fields almost like the gold rush and the Batman days

BRBTV.com said...

Thanks, Johnny!

johnny green said...

Billie Rae,
Thanks so much had agreat time with your and your friemds keep in touch and we have been doing some special shows ,also Adam West is being honored this week April 5 on my birthday on The Hollywood Stars he has waited a long time for this to be with his own award on the Hollywood Blvd Stars.
Best to you keep in touch
Johnny Green