Thursday, June 02, 2011

Hazzard County supports the troops this July

The birthplace of "The Dukes of Hazzard," the lovely Covington, Georgia, that BRBTV misses on a regular basis (!), has a Hazzard County-themed event in the works that you won't want to miss. Special thanks to Rose Marie for passing this info along ...

In a benefit for Operation Sandbox, fans of "The Dukes" are gathering items to place in care packages to send to U.S. troops. The event happens on July 30, 2011 from 4-9 p.m. right there on the Square in Covington. You'll see a car show including, of course, plenty of our beloved blazin' orange General Lees as well as other fine classic cars.

Here are the items you can bring for the care packages for our brave military men and women:

Beef jerky
Slim Jims
Flavored drink mixes (single packs)
Granola bars
Assorted nuts;
Microwave food (popcorn, Eazy Mac)
Hard candy
Cracker packs
Tuna or spam in foil packs only
Trail mix
Beanie Weenies

Plus the following items in travel size:
Lip balm
Shampoo / conditioner
Writing supplies
Disposable razors
Batteries: AA, AAA and C
New or used DVD movies
Baby wipes
Hand sanitizer

Basically, Rose Marie says, anything is welcome except chocolate and glass.

To learn more about Operation Sandbox and the good work they do for the troops, visit their site at

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