Friday, May 27, 2011

Catch Signy Coleman in "River Ridge"

We have to say ... Signy Coleman, our own Celeste DiNapoli of "Santa Barbara," is looking just gorgeous in her new web series, "River Ridge." Coleman is executive-producing the soap, for which there is not yet a launch date but which has a trailer online for your viewing pleasure at its official site,

Coleman portrays one of two rather-tensely-feuding sisters in this drama, which follows the lives of the residents of a fictional small town on the East Coast. And even while she's deeply agonizing in the trailer clip, she sure looks like she's having fun. It's also delightful to see among the cast Shannon Sturges, the blond part of the blond-brunette-redhead trio of the '90s primetime soap "Savannah."

We certainly love the trend of web-based soaps such as "River Ridge" and "The Bay," as it gets our beloved classic TV stars out there and working.

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