Sunday, May 15, 2011

Make sure you catch Ian McShane this weekend, and read about Catherine Oxenberg's royal experiences in her blog

While his former "Dallas" castmates are shooting brand-new scenes for TNT's pilot project scheduled for release later this year, Ian McShane, who portrayed Don Lockwood on our beloved '80s classic, is doing just fine. That filmmaking love of Sue Ellen Ewing has gone from one good role to another over the years, notably on the series "Deadwood" and "Kings." Now, he's got the juicy role of Blackbeard in Disney's " Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides," opening this Friday. He gets some good star billing in the trailer, so it looks to be a nice thing.

Catherine Oxenberg, meanwhile, that sweet princess of "Dynasty," has got some royal reminiscing you won't want to miss on her blog. Our former Amanda Carrington who married a prince on the show, Oxenberg talks about meeting Lady Diana Spencer back in 1981, as well as her "almost royal wedding" to the guy that Fergie would nab just a few years later, Prince Andrew. Fun stuff.

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