Sunday, May 01, 2011

A peek inside the "Archie's Weird Mysteries" trade paperback

We first told you in our December 9 post about the "Archie's Weird Mysteries" paperback coming this August, a compilation of stories from the comic book that accompanied our beloved animated DiC show originally airing on PAX-TV in 1999-2000. Today we're giving you a little look at a few of the stories you'll see in that 128-page book:

- "Shriek," from issue 2, a parody of the "Scream" movies, with script by Paul Castiglia, pencils by Fernando Ruiz and inking by Rich Kozlowski.
Alone in the house, Betty Cooper settles in for popcorn and a scary movie on cable. But her TV starts malfunctioning, and soon a dark, hooded, ghoulish face is talking to her from the screen, looking just like the spooky one in those "Shriek" movies. The next day at school, Archie is determined to investigate. But then the TV ghoul shows up running the halls at Riverdale High! Meanwhile, Archie wants to score an interview with a Hollywood costume designer who's visiting town -- who just happens to be the one who designed that long, ghoulish mask for the "Shriek" movies. The designer quickly becomes embroiled in the kids' investigation of this strange movie ghoul on the loose.

- "UFO Uh-Oh," from issue 7, with script by Paul Castiglia, pencils by Fernando Ruiz and inking by Rich Kozlowski.
In a galaxy kinda far away, a brawny race of aliens named the Brawnux challenge another race of aliens, the brainy Smelltoids, to a baseballl game. Trouble is, the Smelltoids don't even know what baseball is. They gaze into their satellite dish and spy, on Earth, Archie and the gang on the Riverdale High baseball team winning the playoffs. The Smelltoids head to Earth in their ship, finding a snoozing Mr. Weatherbee "guarding" the team equipment. Since the aliens just saw the 'Bee bragging to a reporter about his former glory days in baseball, the aliens nab him and the equipment and head back to their planet to learn the game. That doesn't go so well, since the 'Bee's bragging was just hot air. He talks the Smelltoids into returning to Earth to benefit from the "real" players, and a plan is hatched to put the brainy aliens on top of their game.

- "Bigfoot on Campus," from issue 10, with script by Paul Castiglia, pencils by Fernando Ruiz and inking by Rich Kozlowski.

A new student shows up at Riverdale High, and he has all the girls swooning. He's Sam Squatch, a mammoth of a guy with mounds of wavy hair. The other guys like Arch and Reggie decide if they can't beat 'im, they're going to join 'im -- they borrow some of Sam's magic shampoo to grow their own long, luxurious locks and beards. But then those beards won't shave off, and all of a sudden the girls at school have hairy backs! Yowza! Sam Squatch explains the woodsy encounter that's behind this shampoo -- as well as his own motivations.

The book will also feature Scarlet, the vivacious redheaded vampire who charms Archie, introduced in the TV episode "Scarlet Night" and debuting as a side story in issue 10 of the comics, then moving on to the spotlight in issue 12. She's featured on the cover of the book.

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