Thursday, May 05, 2011

Announcing the BRBTV Report on "The Secrets of Isis"

Ahhh, we love to announce additions to the family. Some people have children -- well, our "kids" are of the published variety! This time around, BRBTV welcomes into its family of products a report on the classic '70s TV show, "The Secrets of Isis."

When Joanna Cameron stepped onto our Saturday-morning small screen in that smart white tennis dress with Egyptian touches, she made history as the first female superhero to have her own weekly live-action series. As Andrea Thomas, she was a kindly high school science teacher. But after discovering the amulet of the ancient goddess Isis on an archaelogical dig, Andrea was able to transform into the powerful heroine Isis with just three magic words, "Oh, mighty Isis!"

BRBTV celebrates this wonderful half-hour kids' series, which was a companion Filmation show for the popular live-action "Shazam!", with the seventh in its series of BRBTV Reports on Amazon's Kindle format. This report includes original feedback from all three of the series' leading stars: not just Cameron as Isis / Andrea Thomas, but also Brian Cutler as Rick Mason and Joanna Pang as Cindy Lee! We also got some great insight from Andy Mangels, the man behind the rather-incredible assortment of features on the DVD set, himself a lifelong fan of the show, and fervent fan Lisa Everetts, who had interesting insight into how this show represented a different era in Saturday-morning kids' television.

Like the other Kindle reports in this series, for a ridiculously low price you'll see a magazine-length feature story as well as detailed (original) episode synopses. Because we've found it's physically impossible for us to watch a classic TV show we love without writing episode synopses. Seriously. We've tried. (Why do you think that "Bionic Woman" first-season DVD set is sitting on our shelf unopened? Talk about a time commitment!)

We so much enjoyed doing this "Isis" BRBTV Report, because we absolutely adored the show back then more than words can express. Watching the episodes again on DVD in the past year or so -- the first time we'd seen them since they originally aired -- was like a sweet trip back in time! We hope you dig this look at the show as much as we did writing it.

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