Saturday, October 15, 2011

Linda Evans talks love, age -- and of course, "Dynasty" -- on "Today" show

NBC's "Today" show this week has been giving some good airtime -- and cybertime -- to Linda Evans of our beloved "Dynasty." Our former Krystle Carrington is promoting her new book "Recipes for Life" and appeared on the show with Ann Curry earlier this week, then appeared again this morning.

The earlier interview segment, below, included a "Dynasty" clip of the studio catfight between Krystle and Alexis. Of course, you can't talk "Dynasty" without talking about the catfights, and we love the look on Evans' face when Curry asked if it was hard to fight with her co-star Joan Collins.

"I loved to fight physically; Joan liked to fight verbally," she says. "I just loved it! I don't do that in life, by the way. I've never beat anybody up."

On this morning's show, Evans talked about the idea behind her new book.

"They wanted me to write a memoir, and I've wanted to do a cookbook, and I thought, what if I could do both?" she says.

When asked about her "Dynasty" costar John Forsythe and whether he was as charming in real life as he was as Blake Carrington, Evans enthused, "It was so easy to love him! John Forsythe was one of the most extraordinary human beings I've known."

What has she learned about love at this point in her life, as she's about to turn 69 next month, especially given her much-publicized marriages?

"Don't give up on love," she tells "Today." "And don't be sad when it goes away."

By the way, regarding those catfights: BRBTV has talked with Evans' stuntwoman from "Dynasty," Jeannie Epper. You'll see excerpts from that interview on this blog in the next couple weeks.

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