Friday, October 21, 2011

Spotted: Two "SB" Stephens, as well as an Ally!

You gotta love that "Matlock." Like so many hourlong dramas of that era, Andy Griffith's courtroom series brought in a beautiful bevy of TV stars. Take the episode "The Biker," for instance. Not only does it feature two of the Stephens of our beloved "Santa Barbara" -- Stephen (Peter Flint) Meadows and Stephen (Dr. Skyler Gates) Nichols, but also Ally Walker, who portrayed Andrea Bedford and went on to such great success with "Profiler" and more.

Nichols, who also appeared on "Dallas" as a paramedic and the "Dynasty" pilot as a flight attendant, is the biker of the ep's title, accused of murdering his fellow Stephen, Meadows, who portrays a famous but highly murdered actor who had hired Nichols' character as his bodyguard. Nichols is appropriately gruff, rough and grisley in his cutoff attire, while Meadows is impetuous and about as high-strung and temperamental as we remember ole Peter back in the mid-'80s.

Walker brings her sweetly husky voice to a courtroom scene, taking the witness stand to introduce flashbacks of herself and the two Stephens. She served as a handler of sorts to Meadows' character, and she's quite burned by the experience.

Also in the "Spotted" category, have you seen Barbara Eden endorsing One Reverse Mortgage? Well, we have! We just saw that lovely LeAnn de la Vega of "Dallas" in her TV spot on the October morning we were writing this post ...