Monday, November 07, 2011

Jackson Bostwick tells us more about his work on "Shazam!"

So just how closely did the "Shazam!" Saturday-morning TV series of the 1970s follow the well-known comic-book character? Where in California was the show filmed, and what was the deal with those "Elders"? Where was Shazam the Wizard, anyway? Jackson Bostwick, the original star of Filmation's live-action half-hour series weighed in on those questions and more as BRBTV chatted with him at this year's Geek Media Expo in Nashville, Tennessee.

The latest in the BRBTV video series puts you there at Bostwick's table at the event as he talks with Will and BRB about his work on the series. We hope you enjoy it. Consider it a follow-up to our email interview with Bostwick a few months back on this very blog ...

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