Tuesday, November 01, 2011

John Wesley Shipp talks "Flash" and more at GMX panel

Years before the success of sites like eBay, his costar Mark Hamill seemed to know the value of a piece of a superhero costume, as John Wesley Shipp of TV's "The Flash" explains in his panel discussion at this year's Geek Media Expo. And if you missed hearing Shipp tell this and other "Flash" stories live and in person at the Nashville event a week or two back, BRBTV will put you in the audience with the latest videos on our YouTube channel.

Just how enthused was "Star Wars" alum Hamill about his role as the Trickster on "The Flash"? And how did the role influence his voicework a year later on "Batman: The Animated Series"? What was that Flash costume really like, and why does its display at a Hard Rock Cafe make Shipp a little uneasy? And what about a key (motherly) casting connection between "The Flash" and our beloved "Dallas"? Will "The Voice Man" Rodgers of BRBTV points it out from the audience as part of this Q and A session. Shipp, who portrayed Martin Ellis on "Santa Barbara" a few years before he donned the scarlet suit, also talks about his work on daytime TV.

We hope you enjoy the videos. And look out -- we've got another superhero coming up in our video series -- Jackson Bostwick of "Shazam!"

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