Thursday, December 08, 2011

Announcing the BRBTV Reports of interviews from the "Batman" and "Superman" animated series

Fresh on the heels of the BRBTV Report on "Superman: The Animated Series" (see our post just a few inches down!) comes two new additions to the series, "Superman: The Animated Series, The BRBTV Interviews" and "Batman: The Animated Series, The BRBTV Interviews."

Both of these great 1990s kids' TV shows (for kids of all ages, you understand!) reflected the work of a whole lot of writers, artists, directors, producers and voice actors. Beyond the core names that so many people recognize, such as Bruce Timm, Alan Burnett, Glen Murakami, Jean MacCurdy, Paul Dini, Kevin Conroy and Tim Daly, there were many others who contributed to the groundbreaking animated series’ massive success at creating a unique take on DC Comics’ beloved heroes Batman and Superman.

So now BRBTV brings you two sets of original interviews with several folks whose talent has touched the series:
  • Joe R. Lansdale, the “Mojo storyteller” who loved the Dark Knight as a kid.
  • Randy Rogel, an Emmy-Award-winning writer who is no stranger to ‘toons.
  • Scott Beatty, author of “Batman: The Ultimate Guide to the Dark Knight,” who addresses the influence of the series on the overall Bat-realm.
  • Ty Templeton, artist of the popular comic books accompanying the series.
  • Robert N. Skir, a writer who has taken on several other small-screen favorites, too.
  • Michael Horse, the “Twin Peaks” veteran who voiced Ubu.
  • Dorian Harewood, the actor with a heart for music who did a variety of voices here.
  • Corey Burton, a voice artist with a diverse resume, including several of these interesting characters. 
  • Mark Evanier, a writer with a varied resume who tackled the Darkseid storylines.
As a special bonus, in the "Superman" interview report, author Will Rodgers gives you a peek at his collection of action figures associated with the show. As with the other volumes in this BRBTV Reports series, it's all in a convenient, portable, Kindle format with photos appearing in color where available. And the price for these is our lowest -- $1.50 -- so you can read the thoughts of these cool guys for such a minor investment.

Stay tuned: We've got more BRBTV Reports coming up in 2012, as well as a rather intriguing new installment in the BRBTV (print!) fact book series ...

Happy holidays to all!!!!