Saturday, December 03, 2011

John Wesley Shipp takes another fatherly turn, this time on "Teen Wolf"

John Wesley Shipp is announcing it from his own Facebook page, and you can get the story at ZAP2it: Shipp will appear in the second season of the series "Teen Wolf."

Our former Martin Ellis of "Santa Barbara" will portray Isaac's "not-so-nice dad -- and the owner of Beacon Hills Cemetery," ZAP2it says. "He sees a whole new side of his son after Derek brings Isaac into the wolf pack, and a few 'mysterious incidents' plague him in particular. Shipp is headed to Atlanta to begin shooting the intense role next week. MTV confirms that we can expect to see him in two episodes."

Shipp says he's heading over to the set on Tuesday.

In other JWS news (!), the actor will return to "One Life to Live" during its finale week. This former dad from "Dawson's Creek" played a rather interesting dad on this soap. Read about it at Michael Fairman's soaps site.