Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Hazzard comes to Galax, for the second year, even

Billed as "a very laid-back, relaxed and personal event," the Hazzard Comes to Galax show is set for this June in Virginia, and it's chock-full of cast from our beloved "The Dukes of Hazzard." So far, John ("Bo Duke") Schneider, Sonny ("Enos Strate") Shroyer, James ("Rosco P. Coltrane") Best and Rick ("Cletus Hogg") Hurst are all signed on. Tickets are only $10 for adults and available at the gate.

The event is founded by Greg and Miranda Richardson of Greg's Core Supply in Woodlawn, Virginia, who both grew up watching "The Dukes of Hazzard" during the early 1980s. (Two "Dukes" fans marrying each other -- we love it when that happens.)

Learn more about the event at its website, HazzardComesToGalax.com, and keep up on Facebook, too.

By the way, have you seen our sweet little Daisy in her new role on CBS' daytime soap "The Young and the Restless"? Ahhh ... we remember watching "Y&R" back in the '90s ... with Victor and Victoria and Nikki and Nicholas ... Bach just started as Chelsea Lawson's (Melissa Claire Egan) mother, Anita. And like all wise TV networks these days, CBS has loaded whole episodes onto its website. So click on over to CBS' "Young and the Restless" page and check it out! You can also get the lowdown (or the up-high) at Yahoo or via this interview with "ET."

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