Friday, March 02, 2012

Read Joan Collins' latest interview in Glamour, and vote for her fashion sense at TV Guide!

"I only regret a couple of my marriages." Hmmm ... that's a mighty intriguing headline Glamour magazine slapped on its interview with our delightful "Dynasty" dame Joan Collins for its April 2012 issue, reportedly on sale now. Catch that dishy thing at the Joan Collins Archive blog if you can't get to the newsstand. Thanks, Glamour, for appreciating one of our beautiful classic-TV stars.

And speaking of appreciation, whoever at TV Guide remembered Alexis Colby's fashion sense needs a kudos, too -- in these days of reality TV overrunning any of the good TV we remember, it's nice to know our faves still haven't faded into obscurity. Hop on over to TV Guide's Facebook page (scroll down -- it's a busy page) to vote for Alexis / Joan as "Who is the most fashionable TV character of all time?". Now, we do like Carrie Bradshaw; we certainly do (her shoes more than her clothing, actually), but pleezzzzz ... this is a no-brainer. C'mon, Alexis, you can do it!!!!

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