Friday, March 09, 2012

Eric Close on tap for a new fall TV show

Now that's what we love to see -- the stars of our beloved BRBTV shows popping up during pilot season. Yahoo TV has the full rundown of this year's plans and offerings, and among them is "Nashville," a soap from ABC starring Eric Close, our former Sawyer Walker of "Santa Barbara" who's had quite a successful career since then. Close joins "Heroes" alum Hayden Panettiere, as well as Powers Boothe, the voice of Gorilla Grodd in "Justice League" (the subject of an upcoming BRBTV Report!). Read a little more at the Hollywood Reporter. Close is looking good!

Clancy Brown, the voice of Lex Luthor in "Superman: The Animated Series" and "Justice League," is part of the cast for "The Frontier," NBC's Western set in the 1840s. Shaun Cassidy is producing that one. Read more at the Hollywood Reporter.

We're also glad to spot some of our other faves slated for pilots: Julia Stiles (NBC's "Midnight Sun"), Zachary Levi (Fox's "Let it Go"), John Stamos (Fox's "Little Brother"), Robert Knepper (CW's "Cult"), Tyler Labine (NBC's "Animal Kingdom") -- he's such a cute kid!, Brandon Routh (CBS' "Partners") -- whom we had the pleasure of interviewing a year or two back, Jami Gertz (ABC's untitled Dan Fogelman project) -- wow, how long it's been since "Square Pegs"!

And we're certainly looking forward to the reboot of "Scruples," especially given the fact that it will be set in the '70s. And we probably couldn't resist the Roseanne Barr / John Goodman re-pairing of "Downwardly Mobile" -- for the latter more than the former.

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