Friday, July 20, 2012

Spotted: Powers Boothe

We know his calm, authoritative voice as villain Gorilla Grodd on the "Justice League" animated series, lending far more intelligence to that crafty character than his animal nature would afford. He also voiced Lex Luthor in the "Superman: Brainiac Attacks" animated movie. But Powers Boothe has had a big career in front of the cameras, too, starring as the vice president on "24" and in many other roles over the years (and even just appearing the "Avengers" movie).

We got to see his handsome face in the 1996 movie "Dalva," starring Farrah Fawcett. Here, he plays it rough-hewn and edgy, but somehow poetic, as Sam, the love interest for Farrah's lead character. In the story, Dalva had a child at age 17 and was forced to give him up for adoption, only to seek him out later, on his 21st birthday. Sam, the polite-talking rancher type, helps the process.

While Farrah plays it much younger, about 37 to her real-life 49, Boothe acts more his age, which was 48 at the time. And while Farrah pulls off her young-switch by acting flighty, girlish, quite out-there, Boothe is straight, logical and tough, despite the womanizing he does in the film. A bit of a Marlboro man, he is, and he wears it well, though you can't help but think he's better suited to a suit -- and the more crafty indulgences of Gorilla Grodd, who's a study in contrasts.

Special thanks to Tracy for passing the movie along to us!

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