Friday, August 03, 2012

Announcing the BRBTV Report on "Justice League"

We did a report on "Batman: The Animated Series." Then we did a report on "The New Batman Adventures." Then it was "Batman Beyond," then even "Superman: The Animated Series." Bruce Timm, Alan Burnett, Glen Murakami, James Tucker and crew didn't stop making these shows, so you didn't expect us to stop watching 'em and reporting on 'em, now didya?

Brand new from BRBTV is the "Justice League" report, covering all five seasons of this fabulous animated series, from its 2001 debut through its evolution to "Justice League Unlimited." Talented writer Will Rodgers steps in again for this one, bringing his keen grasp of detail and offering comprehensive analysis and commentary you won't find anywhere else. Rodgers has the credentials: Take his "Ultimate Super Friends" site, for instance. He lends that expertise on these various assembled DC superheroes to the new "JL" Report, giving a full background of the creation of the show as well as a (long!) synopsis and commentary on each and every episode. This Kindle document is a whopper -- the equivalent of 300 letter-sized pages, and our biggest in the BRBTV Reports series so far!!!!

"Justice League: A BRBTV Report (BRBTV Reports)" is No. 12 in our series of BRBTV Reports, and it's part of a four-product-release year. So stay tuned ... the other three aren't too far behind ... and one's even going to be a new installment in our print book series ...