Monday, December 17, 2012

Announcing the Kindle edition of "Dynasty High"

It was October 2003 when the very first edition of our BRBTV reference guide to the TV show "Dynasty" was released. It was an Adobe PDF e-book, and it was followed the next July by a print edition. And from there, the content continued evolving. We kept watching those beloved episodes; we kept talking to those involved in the show. Fast-forward to now, December 2012, and we're happy to release the next evolution of this BRBTV fact book, the Kindle edition.

"Dynasty High" just happens to also be the very first installment in our fact book series, and truth be told, it was the very first BRBTV product to ever be released. So as technology changes, and reading habits change, our products move along with that.

To develop the "Dynasty High" Kindle edition, we started with the full contents of the second "Dynasty High" print edition, and we added a whole lotta stuff:
  • Interview with Pamela Sue Martin, aka the original Fallon Carrington
  • Interview with Stephanie Beacham, aka Sable Colby
  • Interview with Terri Garber, aka Leslie Carrington
  • Interview with Jeannie Epper, stuntwoman for Linda Evans
  • Interview with writer Camille Marchetta 
  • Interview with David Baker, stablehand on "The Colbys"
  • Boosted episode guide, with the rewatching of Seasons 1 through 7.5 of "Dynasty" and most of "The Colbys" episodes
  • A feature on the shows' various locations
  • A closer look at the Filoli estate
  • Boosted and updated actor bio information
  • An at-a-glance character chart
  • Boosted and updated merchandise guide
Holy cow, that's a lot of stuff. (And the interviews are our own -- but we don't use the term "exclusive interview," because Billie Rae Bates of BRBTV is a genuine journalist who knows the true meaning of that term, not the meaning it has devolved into in the Internet age. OK, enough about that!)

We've added so much stuff for this Kindle edition, that we can't leave the print edition as-is. Look for a third edition of that in 2013.

The price of this one is low, just $6, because we're not much into that gouging thing. We put our content out there because we want to share it with other fans. BRB is a fan of the show first and foremost, herself. That's why she does this crazy thing. We hope you enjoy.

This is the third product release of a four-product-release year, so stay tuned ... We've got one more biggie before this month closes ... And it's PRINT ...

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