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Stephanie Beacham tells BRBTV she'd love a "Dynasty" reboot

Ever since TNT scored a hit with its reboot of our beloved "Dallas" this past summer, rumors have been swirling about the same treatment for "Dynasty." And why not? "Dynasty" provides plenty of fertile next-generation ground to plant some seeds on and captivate younger viewers as well as reel in us '80s kids so easily ... L.B. Colby, Danny Carrington, Krystina Carrington, Lauren Colby, the surrogate son of Adam Carrington ... we're wondering where they all are and what they're doing right now! And we want to see our original faves, even if John Forsythe is no longer among them.

One of those original faves would love to see this kind of reboot, too. BRBTV had the chance to chat with Ms. Stephanie Beacham, aka Sable Colby, via phone a couple weeks ago, and the subject of a "Dynasty" reboot naturally came up, as it had when Beacham attended a tribute event for the late costume designer Nolan Miller just a few days earlier ...

"Please, please, please, may it happen?" she sweetly enthused to us. "But it's up to so many more people and fates than I can affect by just hoping. It would be a blast. That's all I can say."

Stephanie Beacham, center, with "Dynasty" creators Esther and
Richard Shapiro at the tribute event for Nolan Miller.

Beacham said, "I just adore Esther and Richard Shapiro, and I would love to work with them again. Joan and I are friends and we would have so much fun."

So what's standing in the way? "Just as Esther had to fight to have middle-aged women on the screen to begin with, when she started 'Dynasty,' she doesn't want to do anything unless, I guess, unless the original people are at least featuring in it. Can't you imagine the fun of Joan and me in the back of our fortresses being the powerhouses behind it, having all the lovely young girls and boys lying around? But you need those two old bats! Or as Joan calls us, the 'Dynasty' dames."

Indeed we do need you. Just as TNT's "Dallas" wouldn't have been "Dallas" without the Big Three, Larry Hagman, Patrick Duffy and Linda Gray, "Dynasty" couldn't possibly be "Dynasty" without Joan Collins, Stephanie Beacham, and whoever else they can possibly get involved! Heather Locklear, anyone? We saw that recent photo shoot with Entertainment Weekly -- our Sammy Jo is still stunning. And just as, with the recent death of Hagman, his spectre will remain all over that show as it continues on through its second season, we will be seeing the shadow of Forsythe strongly in any reboot attempt of "Dynasty."

So we had to ask Beacham, what would Sable be doing right now, in 2012?

"The same as Alexis," she told us. "I don't think it's changed. Of course, the economy has changed, but the rich only get richer, don't they? They wouldn't be trusting anyone else. I think Sable would've gotten stronger. Because she was always someone that sort of needed a man, if you know what I mean. Probably now she would just leave all the advice from everybody and just be herself."

The last time we saw our beautiful English-accented vixen, there was that rather un-pretty balcony scene, in the series' final episode in May 1989 (Beacham wasn't featured in 1991 reunion movie). At the time of the finale, Sable was pregnant with what Alexis fondly termed a "change-of-life baby" with Dex Dexter, her own ex-husband. So add that to the next-generation mix ... a 22-year-old offspring of Sable and Dex ... out there somewhere, doing who-knows-what ...

"That would at least give one young would-be Sable a door, wouldn't it? Some young incarnation," Beacham muses.

Still so beautiful: Beacham with Joan Collins, center, and Collins' sister Jackie.

And Beacham wouldn't miss a chance to work with her friend, Joan Collins, who served as a co-hostess at the Nolan Miller tribute. She has worked with Collins recently, in this year's seriously fun Snickers TV spot. BRBTV had to ask how that diva-happy half-minute came together.

"That just came about. I think Joan suggested me," she said. "How much fun was that? Have you seen it? It was heaven, complete heaven! And it's based, as you know, on the other ones. And I'm playing the Liza Minnelli part, the kicker. I think Joan's fabulous in it, and I thought we did a grand job, and everybody was so pleasant. I think we're both keen that there should be a collaboration of some sort, and that was just a hint of it. I think that we both feel that there's more mileage in us."

You better believe there is. Now the question is ... who else is listening?????

Watch for the full text of our interview with Stephanie Beacham in the upcoming Kindle edition of our reference guide "Dynasty High." Beacham also has an auction coming up of some of her "Dynasty" and "Colbys" memorabilia, including some scripts. Look for more info on that on this blog, and keep up with Beacham (and see photos from her most recent work on "Trollied") on her official Facebook page.

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Anonymous said...

I am extremely supportive of this idea, but they must not dismiss the obvious : "Dynasty" reboot without the iconic Linda Evans as Krystal Carrington (which they didn't mention, but Collins and her do not really care for one another much - but that should not stop a professional relationship) is unavoidable. No Linda/Krystal - no reboot. Period.