Tuesday, February 25, 2014

"Dallas" takes viewers back in time -- in more ways than one

TNT pulled out all the stops to trumpet last night's Season 3 premiere of "Dallas." In Manhattan, drivers were treated to $1.98-a-gallon gas from Ewing Energies. See the story on Good Morning America / Yahoo.

It's certainly a tribute to the original "Dallas" episode where J.R. Ewing undercut the competition with low gas prices at his own stations. "Some might call it predatory pricing," the GMA story said of yesterday's gas stunt. "I just call it good business," the fictional oil baron John Ross Ewing said in a news release. Gotta love it.

Meanwhile, as you celebrate the return of the series, you can catch Entertainment Weekly, Chron, the Examiner and Zap 2 It all weighing in on what this season will hold. We're seeing our little John Ross coming along nicely as the replacement J.R. (Of course, we were in his corner from the beginning, just loving the casting choice for both the boys.)

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