Monday, February 10, 2014

Spotted: Andrew Stevens, Mary Crosby, Joanna Cassidy, Steve Forrest, K Callan!

OK, sooooo .....picture yourself as a television miniseries at the height of the popularity of the television miniseries, the 1980s. You're based on a book by the sister of a "Dynasty" star. You're produced by the producers of "Dynasty." Your costumes are even designed by the costume designer of "Dynasty." So naturally, your cast features no less than five stars from ... "Dallas"?

Yea, we were a little thrown off by that, too, as we gleefully viewed 1985's "Hollywood Wives," a juicy, glittery tale of life inside Tinseltown. Whether it just be fun happenstance or some kind of subvergent casting sabotage, here's what it is ...

  • Andrew Stevens, who we know as young, rather cocky Casey Denault on "Dallas," takes center stage in the miniseries, and in a dual role. He's Buddy, an aspiring, struggling actor, but he's also (with scruffy hair and long beard) the off-kilter Deke. Deke sets off on a long arduous journey across the country to L.A., with his long, lumbering, bow-legged sort of limp (no, he doesn't walk the whole way, but it's almost that bad, spanning across several hours of the miniseries). And we won't reveal any more than that!
  • Mary Crosby, who frankly shot J.R., is the young, vivacious, incorrigible Karen Lancaster. Karen's not really into acting; she just likes speeding around town in her sportscar and spending her award-winning-actor-father's cash. And she wears slinky dresses and lets her wavy locks flow long, much like Kristin.
  • Joanna Cassidy, who was the put-upon Sally Bullock in early "Dallas," is the even more put-upon ex-wife of a successful movie producer played by Anthony Hopkins. She insecurely moons over her ex and wonders what she did wrong. Yea, yea, blah-blah-blah, adds nothing to the plot, let's move on ...
  • Steve Forrest, who was Wes Parmalee and Ben Stivers on "Dallas" (which includes the idea that he was the possible non-dead Jock Ewing!), is one of the lead characters here, a philandering, aging actor trying to regain his youth. He, of course, sleeps with a younger woman, namely Mary Crosby's character.
  • K Callan, who was Amy Stevens on "Dallas," shows up rather briefly as Catherine, a woman involved in the shady "adoption" of Andrew Stevens' character(s).
  • And we'll even mention Vernon Weddle, who was John Carter on "Dallas" and actually had a couple bit parts on "Dynasty." He shows up here, too.
OK! Well, apparently members of the "Dynasty" cast were booked at the time! Nevertheless, the miniseries is lots of fun!

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